Who We are

StrategyX is a consulting & web design company powered by people that believe you don't need a huge team to accomplish great things.  

Founded in 2019, Strategy X virtually unites small teams of entrepreneurs, designers and software developers from Fortune-500 companies that come together as a super-pod to help startups, small businesses and non-profits thrive online. 

Our Mission

The last thing we all need when trying to run our businesses is more work! Our mission is to thoughtfully provide peace of mind to the ever-busy small business owner, startup founder or entrepreneur.  This is why we thoughtfully design and create services that remove the burdens that come with consulting companies and thriving online such as: 3 Day web design, Business Strategy Modeling & Roadmaps, Idea Testing & Validation, Customer Experience Design, Ecommerce and Digital Brand Design.

We turned 1 year old just as the COVID-19 pandemic began, thankfully we’ve been offering virtual consulting and web design since day one. We are glad we can continue to support and serve clients everywhere. Our mission is to help those who have a passion for what they do.

Our Vision

Our vision is simply to give owners, startup founders and entrepreneurs peace of mind through out work, so they can focus on their business. We employ principles of lean startup, virtual consulting, and rapid learning. Our core principles allow both us and our clients to anticipate problems and adapt quickly. Our hope that we can provide a path to sustainable growth and freedom, the ultimate goal of all entrepreneurs. 

We specialize in: Shopify, Shopify Plus, Small & Medium Sized Businesses